Yet again, travelling throughout Australia from
1st of August to 10th Octobre 2003

Once again we spent a few days gathering up all our equipment and stuffiing them together with a few clothes in our suitcases. This following documented trip once again led us to our favourite destination Australia.

This time we intended to revisit Cape York and then once again we would try to cross the Simpson desert. Both very interesting regions which we already had visited on previous occasions, but still intended to get to know better. We got stuck after some heavy rain on our first attempt to cross the Simpson desert and had to turn around after getting as far as Purni Bore. The last 60 km were flooded and absolutely impassable at the time. We intended to see the rest of this spectatular landscape as well.

The web pages were updated along the trip roughly every 2 to 3 weeks, whenever we had the possiility to go online and upload the latest updates. Other interesting travel expiriences and a few links concerning australia you'll be able to find uner our
Interesting Links .

With the below listed links you're able to follow our movements over the nest 10 weeks thru the beautiful and diverse landscapes of australaia. Our trip led us to many of our favourite spots but as well to many fascinating new discoveries.

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{short description of image} our travelled route (GPS tracking)
{short description of image} Cairns to Coloured Sands
{short description of image} Coloured Sands to Iron Range NP
{short description of image} Iron Range NP to Seisia
{short description of image} Seisia to Cairns
{short description of image} Cairns to Carnarvon Gorge
{short description of image} Carnarvon Gorge to Longreach
{short description of image} Longreach to Birdsville
{short description of image} 1st Part - Simpson Desert - QAA Line
{short description of image} 2nd Part - Simpson Desert - QAA Line thru to Lindsay Junction
{short description of image} 3rd Part - Simpson Desert - Lindsay Junction to Dalhousie Springs
{short description of image} Dalhousie Springs to Lake Eyre
{short description of image} Lake Eyre to Mungerannie
{short description of image} Mungerannie to Mt. Isa
{short description of image} Mt. Isa to Cairns
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